Part-time Volunteers Needed Long-term to Help Change Worlds! (New Orleans)

Greetings fellow Earthlings,

I am 'a weirdo' in desperate need of someone's UNPAID TIME... To help me function more consistently.


I am a queer female of color, working on a mind altering idea that is radical in its simplicity, yet still in its infancy. Eventually, it will be a sustainable resource for empowering ALL children, and a catalyst for prioritizing global sustainability worldwide.

Meanwhile, I also have a rare debilitating degenerative disorder, which you will research if you are HONESTLY interested in working with me: Syringomyelia.

Among other things, it affects my attention, memory and mood, while keeping me in states of constant/inconsistent physical pain and confusion. The self-care required to keep my body functional is unique, so I have learned to think of my body as a 'child with exceptional needs'. Everyday I forget how to take care of it, so I need effective ways of triggering my memory so I can reestablish and maintain the routines this body/mind needs to continue functioning for as long as possible.

I need individuals who are compassionate, perceptive and patiently persistent to help me focus and stay motivated despite pain and confusion. My condition is deteriorating, and while I am still able, there are MANY things I want to do... Unfortunately, I am rarely able to remember what they might be, OR that/why I am running out of time to remember, let alone do them...

I also just moved, so I need to get my thoughts and new place organized and my schedule under control asap. I would really benefit from assistance with getting (and keeping) my physical and mental spaces cleaned and functional (changing my world?), BEFORE I can focus on any other 'world changing' endeavors...
This might include:

-Lifting, Organizing and Rearranging
-Cleaning and Cat Care
-Errands and Transportation
-Unique conversations...

In order to be as effective as possible in my ultimate goal of changing other people's lives, I will ALSO need creative activists who can consider multiple perspectives and help me design ways to communicate effectively with as many diverse humans as possible. It is the only way to complete the task of finding the most effective way to persuade humans that we MUST work together asap to save ourselves from ourselves.

Hopefully together, we can accomplish the overwhelming task of expanding the way Earthlings think about our Earth?

No pressure! :-)

Any help would be greatly appreciated and could include:
-Computer and Tech Stuff
-Website Research and Design
-A/V Production
-Document Production: Grant Applications, Contracts, Booklets, etc.
-Organizing/Designing Spaces and Information
-Opportunities for personal growth
-Listening and Learning
-Sharing and Teaching
-Flexible schedule
-Possible pay*
-Food, Drink, 420
-Game Design: Board Game and Video Game?
-Other Miscellaneous Activities

*Compensation: Based on experience, skill and efficiency ($200/mon max)

If helping me change the world (and/or cleaning and organizing my new home and mind?) sounds interesting and you would like to know more or you would like to volunteer your time, please send me the following information:

-Cover Letter (Tell me about yourself and why you want to work with me.)
-Resume (Tell me what you can do.)
-Schedule (Tell me when you have 'free' time.)
-Contact Email (So I can tell you what I think about you...)

I hope to hear from you soon.


P.S. Please do NOT misrepresent yourself. If you are not willing to VOLUNTEER FOR FREE to help me get stable enough to start paying you, don't waste your time or mine. you have no intention of working with me, just say so! 'Ghosting' is the epitome of disrespect. Value yourself enough to speak your own truth...

AND do NOT ask for a picture of me before you share one of yourself. I am not a fan of my face/body, but I also have no interest in joining anyone's 'spank bank'...
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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