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Car Battery Positive And Negative(2001 Toyota 4 Runner)Bad Battery

Car Battery Positive And Negative(2001 Toyota 4 Runner)Bad Battery
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Replacement Battery Terminals are usually not Labeled Positive and Negative?

How to tell which battery terminal goes on the positive side of the battery and which terminal goes on the negative side.

I have found that most people are unaware that battery terminals are positive and negative. If you ever had trouble installing one, there is a good change it is the wrong terminal. This also causes premature failure of the terminal if you force the wrong one on and can cause battery damage. After watching this video, you might want to check your battery terminals and make sure they are correct. Another way to tell is if the terminal is on the right post, if it
Once the terminal is snug on the post, you do not have to put the " HE MAN" turn on them. The battery is a lead post and the metal on the battery terminal is usually different . It is easy to over tighten and crack the brand new terminals.

There are many ways to tell ways to tell which terminal is positive or negative so you will never make the mistake of hooking them up wrong, or jumping off yours or someones battery and causing major damage.
This video focuses on terminals but I will do a video later this month focusing on this issue. If they come packaged together and do not have a Plus+ or Negative sign- on the terminal or one of those felt pads which are red or green, look at the terminal closely and you will see one is slightly larger than the other. The Positive side, or Plus, or even the one with the red cable is usually the Positive terminal and far as your vehicle is concerned. This is another method, but about 85% accurate, the positive terminal is usually further away from the body and far as grounding. This is for safety because the closer the positive terminal is to ground, the higher chance of causing a spark when you are removing your cables or the battery itself, and that could lead to more serious problems. Another method of determining which side is positive and which is negative is by the color of the wire going to the battery. Red represents Positive Or + and Negative is usually a black-
There are still other ways to to tell, but the ones mentioned are the most common used everyday. So if you use at least 2 of the 3 methods mentioned you should always be able to find the right terminal. If the terminals are factory ones, Positive and Negative are easily identifiable by the plus and minus sign on the battery and by the wire coloring positive always being red and negative being black. Once batteries and terminals are changed, these is where things can get confusing if your not a mechanic or someone who does this type of work regularly it can be confusing. So even with all the above mentioned ways of determining positive and negative battery posts, the positive terminal on the battery is ALWAYS bigger than the negative terminal.

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