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AKC Poodle Male
born August 16 2022

He is already full grown will not get any bigger…
Rehoming fee 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣

Will come with akc form and vaccine records from previous owners.
40lb bag Food, bed, toys, and bowl.

Great if you’re looking to breed or a breeder(he is not fixed) Very beautiful dog , not aggressive really sweet, BUT needs a lot of patience, and someone calm to continue care for him.

Im keep it real cause I wasn’t given the same respect when I bought him, I don’t recommend families with children, but hey maybe he will be a match for your family if you have one?

I recently bought him , and his previous owners lied to me stating he was a “ playful fun family dog” he was timid, and jumpy when I first saw him. They stated he was just “shy” ….. The wife let me know she was getting rid of him because she couldn’t take “dealing with him anymore with having two kids…” not here judge but, They had to be abusing the crap out the dog (Allegedly) everytime I went to go pet him he would flinch like I was hitting him, I would need to chase him just for him to stay by my side, if I dropped something he would run like hell as if something was being thrown at him, does not eat unless humans are not around…

just weird, He didn't show signs of a well taken care of “playful fun family dog” I’m happy I bought him to get him away from those people, but the whole point I got him was for my daughter, and he wants nothing do with her, no matter how gentle or calm. Which makes her sad, and pisses me off that they lied, because they knew this was supposed to be her dog to care for and learn how to care for etc , I’ve tried all I can with him, he had no training AT ALL. I got him to a point of being able to use pads, but if you have yard that’s perfect or if you are able to walk him GREAT . Regardless I want him to be in good home. The price is the price if you can’t afford it please do not contact me, he’s been through enough clearly, and I want him to have a great life, and someone who can truly afford and give him everything along with love. He’s not just “cute dog” he has emotions and feelings as well. If you’re single? lonely? Couple? Older kids? He’ll be perfect for you. Even if you have small kids, and think he might be fit for your family? I’m not against it, but just warning.

Txt only.

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