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condition: good
make / manufacturer: Steel Beam
model name / number: I Beam


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Product/Service Name Sales Price Qty

*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x10"x12.5'x1/4"-196 lbs 98 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x4'x3/8"-90 LBS 43 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x4.5'x1/4"- 110 LBS 55 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x5'x3/8"-109 LBS 54.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x5.5'x1/4"- 119 LBS 59.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x6.5'x3/8"- 120 LBS 60 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x7'x3/8"-155 LBS 71.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x8'x3/8"- 155 LBS 77.50 3
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x8'x5/16"-160 LBS 80 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x8.5'x3/8"-201 LBS 100.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x8.5'x5/16"-162 LBS 81 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x9'x3/8"- 170 LBS 85 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x9'x3/8"-169 LBS 84.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x12"x9.5'x3/8"-192 LBS 96 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x24"x19'x7/16"- 1152 LBS 576 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x10'x3/16"-82 lbs 41 57
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x10.5'x3/16"-87lbs 43.50 54
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x11'x1/4"-120 lbs 60 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x11'x3/16"-93 lbs 46.50 5
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x11.5'x3/16"-98lbs 49 6
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x11.5'x5/16"-79 lbs 39.50 65
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x12'x1/4"-112 lbs 56 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x13'x 1/4"-108 lbs 54 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x7'x1/4"-64 lbs 32 100
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x8'x1/4"-115 lbs 57.50 17
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x9'x1/4"-81 lbs 40.50 3
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x9'x3/16" Galvanized-79 lbs 39.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x9.5'x3/16"-84lbs 42 12
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams4"x6"x9.5'x3/16"-Galvanized-84lbs 42 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams5"x15"x19.5'x1/4"- 544 LBS 272 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams5"x15"x19.5'x5/16"- 505 LBS 252.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams5"x16"x19'x5/16"-532 LBS 266 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams5"x9"x6.5'x7/16"- 132 LBS 66 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x10"x7.5'x1/4"-168 lbs 84 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x10"x8.5'x1/4"-188 lbs 94 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x13"x19.5'x5/16"-594 LBS 297 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x14"x19'x1/4"- 593 LBS 296.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x14"x19.5'x1/4"- 595 LBS 297.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x14"x19.5'x5/16"- 644 LBS 322 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x20"x19.5'x1/4"- 1034 LBS 517 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x21"x15.5'x5/16"- 931 LBS 465.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x6"x11'x1/4"-123 lbs 61.50 3
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x6"x13''x1/4"-119 lbs 59.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x6"x8.5'x1/4"-118 lbs 59 4
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6"x6"x9'x1/4"-117 lbs 58.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6.5"x14"x19.5'x5/16"- 563 LBS 281.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams6.5"x14"x19.5'x5/16"- 600 LBS 300 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x14"x19'x5/16"- 581 LBS 290.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x14"x19.5'x 1/4"- 638 LBS 319 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x14"x19.5'x5/16"- 599 LBS 299.50 3
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x14"x5'x3/8"- 174 LBS 87 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x18"x15.5'x3/8"- 879 LBS 439.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x18"x15.5'x5/16"- 890 LBS 445 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x21"x19'x1/2"- 879 LBS 439.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x21"x24'x7/16"- 1754 LBS 877 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x21"x24.5'x1/2"-1850 LBS 925 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x22"x20'x1/2"-984 LBS 492 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x23"x16'x3/8"-1061 LBS 530.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x23"x19'x3/8"- 1099 LBS 549.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x23"x19'x5/16"-1252 LBS 626 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x23"x19.5'x1/4"-1052 LBS 526 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x23"x19.5'x3/8"-1173 LBS 586.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x23"x19.5'x5/16"- 1125 LBS 562.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x24"x16.5'x5/16"- 1068 LBS 534 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x24"x19'x3/8"- 1880 LBS 940 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x24"x19'x5/16"- 1212 LBS 606 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x24"x19.5'x3/8"- 1324 LBS 662 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams7"x24"x19.5'x9/16" 1292 LBS 646 3
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams8"x14"x19'x5/16"-917 LBS 458.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams8"x14"x19.5'x1/2"- 960 LBS 480 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams8"x18"x6.5'x5/8"- 435 LBS 217.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams8"x21"x17.5'x1/2"- 1087 LBS 543.50 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams8"x24"x20.5'x5/16"- 1835 LBS 917.50 2
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams8"x9"x6.5'x1/2"-198 LBS 99 1
*DFW:Steel-I-Beams9"x24"x23'x1/2"- 1523 LBS 761.50 1

They are from a solar farm that had surplus material.


We BUY – SELL – TRADE all kinds of materials! If you don’t want it, WE MIGHT!

Got Stuff? We're interested in your obsolete stuff...eg: materials, equipment, inventory, chemicals, machinery, product, etc...anywhere in the United States. If you don't want it, we might! Call Damon w/ details @ 303.321.1471.

Learn more>> https://www.repurposedmaterialsinc.com/gotSTUFF

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Shipping Available
Industrial Thrift Store

Below is a bit of about our mission/concept of repurposing.

First off, what are some examples of repurposing? It is taking a byproduct or waste stream such as a retired street sweeper brush and giving it a 2nd life as a back scratcher for horses or cattle. It is taking a decommissioned fire hose and giving it an extended life as a boat dock fender. It is taking an obsolete ski lift cable and giving it a second life as hand railing in a luxury condo building.

In your efforts to reach Zero Waste, do you have any byproducts or waste from projects now, or coming up, that would be a candidate for repurposing? Or, do you have any surplus/obsolete inventories or idle equipment you'd like to deal on. . . maybe items that have been depreciated out, over orders on a job, inventory from a project that got cancelled, etc.?

We look forward to being a resource on any byproducts, waste, inventories, or equipment that would be a candidate for repurposing!

To date, our company has helped a number of organizations through repurposing: US Army, Denver Broncos, City of Chicago, Nestles, BNSF Railroad, Oklahoma State University, Purina, US National Forest Service, Campbells Soup, State of Wyoming, Paramount Pictures, and many, many more!

We are America's largest Industrial Thrift Store! We have yards in Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Philadelphia. Our main office is in Denver 303.321.1471

Items we deal in- marine, stock, bar, guide rails, wear plates, rollers, conveyor augers, bin and hopper lines, chutes, bearings, bushings and gears, paver, rock, stone, siding, glass, tile, wood, lumber, timber, vinyl, floor, window, light, carpet, paint, epoxy, pallet, shelf, stain, plywood, oak, deck, decking, shingle, roof, concrete, cement, rubber, door, countertop, cabinet, plumb, electric, granite, marble, hose, brick, John deere, toro, lawn, mower, grass, hay, alfalfa, dog, cat, chicken, pig, bird, cow, horse, cattle, goat, honda, snow, blower, gate, fence, baler, tractor, plow, trailer, saddle, combine, chain, saw, New Holland, Case, Ford, Kubota Massey Ferguson welder dump, tool, stock, tank, bobcat, skidsteer, scraper, bulldozer, fork lift, telehandler, trailer, tractor, freightliner, mack, peterbuilt, bridge, crane, winch, lift, beam, steel, joist, truss, Volvo, crane, generator, tank, fuel, gas, diesel, ford, Chevrolet, lift, bucket, 4x4, tire, wheel, loader, road, grader, excavator, track, hoe, front, end, genset, hydraulic, phase, Caterpiller, John Deere, Komatsu, power, unit, kw, tool, plow, blade, bed, steel, aluminum, portable, engine, compressor, truck, Kenworth, washer, box, axle, paint, GMC, chipper, pump, concrete, backhose, grapple, attachment, spreader, natural gas, propane, heavy, light, belly, dump, flat, dual, scissor, terrain, rough, motor, battery, transmission, pressure, genie, Vermeer, international, cummins, Detroit, drill, rig, water, used, volt, phase, plant, module, container, hyster, reefer, shape, condition, repair, gallon, pound, ton, mini, boom, lease, spray, power, air, electrical, press, drill, mill, lp, fiberglass, plate, block, part, vacuum, scale, vinyl, cover, rack, system, gym, court, gymnasium, basketball, volleyball, floor, protect, school, wood, level, probe, tank, back scratcher, container, Cable, fencing, coral, pens, farm, ranch, guy wire, guide wire, post, cow, barrier, stop, Soaker, portable tire wash, concrete tire wash, Monster wash, Washer, Stanton systems, wheel , industrial, mine, quarry, dirt, dirty, car wash, cleaner, aggregate, pit, boat, dock, pvc membrane welder, hot air welder, BAK welders, TPO membrane, Hypalon, EPDM, roofon, weldmaster, Miller, seamrover, elite air, Fencing, Wire, Mesh, remesh, structural mesh, standard welded wire reinforcement and concrete pipe reinforcement, reinforcing mesh, welded wire
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